MDS Foundation Map

Whether it’s a store locator, a mobile app or geodemographic analysis – if you are doing any work involving digital maps, you can’t go past the MDS Foundation Map.

The MDS Foundation Map is the most accurate, high quality digital base map commercially available in Australia and New Zealand.

Developed by MapData Services, it draws on the most authoritative data sets availablePSMA in Australia and LINZ in New Zealand – and serves as a professional, powerful springboard from which to deliver online applications such as store locators and distance calculators.

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MDS Foundation Map snapshot:

  • Custom styles and data sets – for maps with a personal touch
  • A fresh cartographic look and feel – making your data the hero in any project
  • Detailed map features – instantly viewable in your web browser
  • Dynamic tiling to create high quality map tiles in a jiffy
  • Data updated quarterly from PSMA and LINZ – making it the most regularly updated and accurate base map on the market
  • Incorporates land parcel boundaries, cadastral boundaries and address points to identify every address in Australia – making it the most reliable cartographic reference tool for business planning in the country
  • A detailed view of thousands of map features available in your browser – instantly
  • Multiple zoom levels offer a wide range of viewing options
  • Accessible from any web or mobile environment
  • Can be supplied in both web and ArcGIS standards of delivery


MDS Foundation Map FAQs