Greyscale Foundation Map

The Greyscale Foundation Map includes all the standard features of the MDS Foundation Map – the nation’s most authoritative, up-to-date base map – but as the name suggests, in shades of grey.

The neutral background draws the attention to your business data and thematic content, so you can better represent key information, while still providing a powerful geographic context.

The greyscale map can be used as a basis for any type of online or desktop mapping – including store locators, a mobile app or geodemographic analysis.

Greyscale Foundation Map snapshot:

  • Data updated quarterly from PSMA and LINZ – making it the most regularly updated and accurate base map on the market.
  • It’s the only base map that incorporates land parcel boundaries and identifies every address in Australia, making it the most reliable cartographic reference tool for business planning.
  • Detailed cartographic information including cadastral boundaries and address points.
  • Multiple zoom levels offer a wide range of viewing options.
  • Accessible from any web or mobile environment.
  • Can be supplied in both ArcGIS and Web standards of delivery.
  • Value for money – if you spend more than 50 hours a year developing base maps, you’re better off with an MDS Foundation Map.

(*calculation based on a 37.5 hour working week across 200 working days for a person on a salary of $75,000 per annum).