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As one of Asia Pacific’s leading providers of intelligent location-based data solutions and authoritative data, MapData Services delivers more map and data solutions than anyone thought possible. Recognised as a ‘one stop shop’, the company offers tailored solutions for clients with the right combination of products and services to deliver optimal point solutions.

The maps, data and services offered are employed by some of Australia’s largest blue-chip companies, dynamic SMEs, community groups and government departments. One in five ASX-listed companies; three of the Big Four banks; and a number of major petroleum companies are among the clientele.

The dedicated digital mapping and data market specialists have commenced a Gold Partnership with Safe Software, providing clients access to FME – a data integration platform used to connect, convert and move between over 350 systems and data sources, without the need for coding. Currently being used by groups such as Geoscience Australia, Bureau of Meteorology, and Australian Rail Track Corporation to name a few, FME is the ‘swiss army knife’ for data extraction and sharing.

MapData Services is a preferred distributor of high quality mapping data products and services. From one-off point solutions to comprehensive mapping and data projects, MapData Services puts data at the centre of any business endeavours.

The services offering includes:

Digital mapping
As the region’s most authoritative distributor of digital mapping products and location-based data solutions, tailored solutions are offered to ensure clients receive the most suitable cutting-edge technologies available. When it comes to selecting the most appropriate data sets, geocoding your data or cleansing existing data assets – the MapData Services team offers hands on advice at every stage.

Application Development
A dedicated team of developers create user friendly, smart mobile and web apps customised to clients’ business needs. Understanding the market is ever-changing, MapData Services is invested in clients’ needs and can mobilise quickly to capture fast-shifting marketing opportunities. 

Hosting solutions
MapData Services hosts data and applications on secure cloud-based software accessible through the web, removing the need for clients to be burdened with costly hardware and software maintenance, and providing greater flexibility. By using Software as a Service (SaaS) and hosting solutions backed by industry-leading service level agreements, greater reliability and uptime of applications is ensured.

Hosting solutions benefits include:
- Reduced total cost of ownership
- Low up-front costs
- Known ongoing costs
- Increased speed to market
- Scalability
- Easy implementation
- Technical and helpdesk support

API Suite
Understanding the location of your customer is crucial. MapData Services offers a suite of APIs with a premium mapping toolkit hosted on any web, mobile, or app platform that accurately pinpoints exact driving directions, distance calculations, proximity searches and more, to accurately direct and assist with customers’ enquiries.

API Services include:
- Context API: Provides contextual information and meaningful data for a specific property ID, coordinate or address
- Web Service API: Enables applications to view and map data such as markers, lines and shapes using an HTTP request
- Routing API: Calculates directions between locations and routing requests automatically using origins, destinations and waypoints
- Places API: Returns information such as a list of places and services based on the user's geographic location using specified textual input and filters

With a ‘vendor neutral’ policy, clients receive truly independent advice to create a road map with step-by-step advice on how to leverage location-based business intelligence. Translating locations, business data, competitor locations and any unique constraints or conditions, reveals evidence-based solutions to meet clients’ select business requirements.

Data management
MapData Services translates data into different formats to provide to clients in a simple form without further processing – to hit the ground running with any projects, ultimately saving time and resources. A comprehensive suite of data management services is available, from basic data formatting or data cleansing, through to more advanced services, such as scoping data storage needs, GIS data management and developing comprehensive data strategies.

Vehicle & asset tracking
By tracking the location and movement of clients’ mobile assets in real-time on a map, we can help to streamline your fleet management processes and reduce overheads, improve service delivery and increase efficiencies and cost savings. MapData Services vehicle and asset tracking solutions draw on mobile, GPS and world-leading tracking technologies to ensure clients’ journey logging, real-time compliance monitoring and maintenance schedules run efficiently, without compromising their customer service.

Route Optimisation
Organisations that operate vehicles have an assortment of issues they must contend with – such as battling increasing fuel prices, greater competition, tighter government regulations, occupational health and safety, customer service pressures or reducing their carbon footprint.  MapData Services Route Optimisation solutions draw on leading mapping technologies to determine the most cost-effective, suitable path for a vehicle to travel when on the road. Clients streamline operating costs by arranging appointments, maintenance, delivery or service calls in the most efficient order.

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