The inside scoop on indoor positioning technology

17 Mar 2016

Spatial and surveying professionals nationwide are set to converge on the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre from 12 – 14 April for the annual Australian and New Zealand Locate Conference.

Locate16 provides a platform to stimulate the ongoing discussion relating to technology developed within the spatial and surveying communities, and highlights ways to use these products to build smarter societies.

This year’s conference program will emphasise why geospatial science and surveying are essential to providing critical location information which improves business opportunities, public safety, environmental and political decision-making, and sustainable development.

Reflecting this focus are four unique conference streams – prosper, protect, sustain and build – with informative presentations, inspiring keynotes and networking events all set to feature during the three-day event.

MapData Services Business Development Manager Lukas Divis is presenting at the national conference as part of the prosper stream – showcasing how location technology can improve the management of valuable property within organisations.

During his presentation – ‘Indoor positioning and mapping of high value assets’ – Mr Divis will explore some of the facts and myths about indoor positioning, and discuss ways the technology can be applied in real-world situations.

He will also introduce the various products being used to deliver indoor positioning solutions, and explain how many leading Australian organisations are now benefitting from real-time insight.

Facility and operational executives, GIS and IT decision-makers, event coordinators and customer service managers are encouraged to attend Mr Divis’ presentation to learn more about the advancements relating to this technology.

For a full event overview, including speakers and scheduling, please view the Locate16 program.

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