Profiles at Work puts population movement on the map

27 Feb 2017

When the Australian Bureau of Statistics conducts its census every five years, they capture the location of all Australians at that given time.

Unfortunately, the majority of people completing the survey are doing so at home. For businesses hoping to make sales and marketing decisions based off this data, the insights gained from these locations just aren’t that valuable.

Profiles at Work is a recently introduced geodemographic data set from MapData Services (MDS) that aims to plug this information gap.

“It’s a combination of three different MDS data sets: People, Journey to Work and Daytime Population,” explained MapData Services Presales Consultant Tim McGinnes. “It tells us how many people are in a specific area during the daytime, and who those people actually are.

“For example, there might be 100,000 people in a certain part of Western Sydney. Profiles at Work will tell us what the dominate profile is for that area. This could be a cosmopolitan mix, affluent and mature families, younger families, commuters and workers.

“There are approximately 40 profiles broken down into about ten basic persona groups. This ensures businesses can clearly see the trends taking place around them.

“If the data is too granular, it’s impossible to conduct beneficial analysis using it. Profiles at Work solves this issue, helping company decision-makers make more informed choices relating to things like site selection, operating hours and service offering.

Whether a business is operating in a CBD, the suburbs, or an industrial estate, the ability to see population ebb and flow, and know predominantly who your ‘local’ clientele is, offers substantial advantages.

Away from the commercial sector, the data also provides government policymakers with information critical to designing smarter communities. This means services – health, education, childcare, etc. – are positioned where they’re needed, and infrastructure development is being carried out in areas that will most benefit citizens.

“For clients interested in leveraging Profiles at Work, they can engage with MDS in three ways,” said MapData Services General Manager Cassandra Barker.

“They can purchase the raw data set and carry out their own modelling. They can request an actual web service from us, so the data can be quickly consumed into a system for analysis.

“Alternatively, they can engage with us directly and we can take on a consulting role. From there, we can work together to achieve their immediate business objectives – whether that’s successfully expanding or downsizing, introducing new products to market, or delivering a limited-time campaign.”

Profiles at Work is part of the MDS Profiles suite of geodemographic data products. To find out how the data set can benefit you, call +61 2 8436 2800 and ask to speak with an MDS data specialist.

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