Transport and Topography Data

MapData Services – Australia and New Zealand’s leading mapping data specialists – offer authoritative street, transport and topography data sets, sourced from a range of premier suppliers.

HERE CoreMap

For its clients, MapData Services opens the door to HERE – a leading provider of digital map, traffic and location data that enables navigation and location-based platforms around the world.MapData Services provides access to the full suite of HERE Enterprise products and services, including mapping data for enhanced mobile asset management, internet applications, GIS applications, geomarketing applications, call centre applications and telematics services.

WhereIs StreetNet

These products offer premium in-car navigation quality data for use within your GIS applications. MapData Services provides access to all variants of the StreetNet product range. Its flagship product – StreetNet Advanced – includes navigation attributes such as turn restrictions and one-way streets, road names, road hierarchy, address ranges, speed values and bridge heights, as well as speed restrictions, signpost information, lane guidance, and pedestrian and multi-modal navigation.

TomTom MultiNet

This premium street network database offers a geographical framework for route optimisation or use as a fleet management solution, providing added functionality such as turn-by-turn directions, road signage, intersections, positioned centrelines, and more.


MapData Services’ RoadNET series is a highly detailed, comprehensive database of street centrelines (including names and road type) and related information such as transport layers, towns, points of interest, green spaces and topography. These base map products are suitable for local and national mapping, and are available for Australia and New Zealand clients. Routing information (including average driving speed, turn restrictions, one-way indicators, tolls and height/weight restrictions) is available as an add-on to enable routing, driving directions and distance calculations.

MDS Foundation Map

The MDS Foundation Map is Australia’s most authoritative base map, providing a professional-standard display of current authoritative data drawn from PSMA in Australia and LINZ in New Zealand.