MapData Services and business partner HERE have bundled together the best local government data sets – including data on traffic patterns, public transport, pedestrians, speed limit zones and property boundaries – for every council in Australia.

Source data is constantly updated, ensuring our map database always provides the most accurate and current information available.

For additional convenience, this HERE data bundle is built ready to load into the Esri ArcGIS platform.

Address points** High accuracy address points based on building entry locations – delivering to-the-door precision for your apps.
Property boundaries** Authoritative cadastral and property boundary information enabling precise land zone and site mapping.
Core points of interest (POI)** Verified, high-value points of interest, arranged into categories to enable specific searches based on location-type, such as retail, parks or petrol stations.
Speed limits FC1-5** Speed limit data for road segments enabling the development of apps to warn users of traffic restrictions or speed violations.
Pedestrian data Locations of pedestrian friendly footpaths and walking travel times based on average speed – ideal for pedestrian and multimodal navigation applications.
Public transport stops Exact locations of bus and tram stops and train station entry points suitable for multimodal transport navigation applications.
Stop signs Precise location of traffic signals and stop signs to enable improved navigation and arrival time estimates.
2D building footprints Verified building footprints featuring size and location details – providing essential information for emergency services response and disaster recovery.
Truck data A database of relevant attributes for the logistics management industry – enabling sophisticated truck navigation as well as routing and dispatch optimisation.
Traffic patterns Constantly updated speed data – enabling calculation of average speeds travelled and comparison across different times, days, months and years.

**Also available as a 'lite' bundle.

* All pricing is excl. GST

Disclaimer – 2D building footprint, not available across all parts of Australia.