Geodemographic Data – MDS Profiles

MapData Services has now released some of the most comprehensive geodemographic data currently available across Australia.

With the ability to delve a little deeper into your markets, this data set can help you discover:

  • What market segments your clients fall into
  • How your customers spend their money
  • Where clients work and play during business hours
  • Where high income earners reside
  • The likelihood of motor vehicle thefts in a specific area

Here’s a snapshot of the MDS Profiles data currently available:

Profiles at Work

An enhanced data set to give you an advantage when targeting your marketing efforts or conducting site selection – this profile provides a breakdown of people in an area during the day, while also outlining their unique segmentation group. For example, in the Melbourne CBD, the dominant daytime profile group consists of 'affluent high net worth professionals'.


A real hero data set used to view and describe people and places using traditional segmentation methods. Categorise your clients into one of fifty dynamic market segments, so you can stay one step ahead of your competitors.


If you want to know exactly where your clients spend their hard-earned money – you can’t afford to pass this data set by. Providing excellent insight into the spending habits of Australians, we can give you the average spend per household, per annum with 12 feature data sets and a breakdown of over 400 commodities.

Daytime Population

While we can easily identify where people live, it’s traditionally been harder to track where they go when they leave the house. Our new data set solves this problem! We now have information available that reflects the number of people in any given location during business hours.


Journey to Work

Knowing how the population moves from home to work – and how far they travel – can be vital in making important business decisions. This data set provides detailed information on the origin and destination of people’s daily journey to work. It highlights the population who stay close to home and those who travel further afield to get to work.

High Income Earners

Find the customers earning the big bucks with this data set showing the mean weekly and annual income of those taking home more than $2,000 per week.

Household Net Worth

This data set measures household wealth for all owner occupied properties in Australia, taking into consideration the property value, property equity, mortgage repayments and investment income. It uses this information to score each household, equipping you with a granular view of the relative net worth distribution of an area.

Projected Census

Suitable for market segmentation, retail analysis and reporting, and territory and franchise creation, this dynamic data set takes information collected in the most current census and projects it to current year values, based on the Australian Bureau of Statistics' (ABS) estimated present-day resident population. Projected Census features over 7,000 data variables, with multiple data sources utilised to build and model this data set.