Cadastre and Property

Cadastral data contains detailed information about land parcel and property boundaries for all private and public land in Australia and New Zealand.

MapData Services provides two core cadastral boundary products with the added value of land tenure classifications available for Australia. These deliver a detailed digital representation of data and can be used to reference other geographic and land administrative data.


PSMA CadLite

Sourced from PSMA, the CadLite data set contains approximately 14 million land parcels from across Australia. These land parcels are presented in two themes:

  • Cadastral: a seamless national database of cadastral boundaries, including easements and road drainage easements
  • Property: a national data set that identifies the three relationships that exist between a property and a cadastral parcel

CadLite also incorporates names of local government areas and boundary locations, and legal property identifiers (lot/plan/DP).


PSMA Land Tenure

Sourced from PSMA, the Land Tenure product is the ideal extension to the authoritative CadLite property parcel data set, providing information on the tenure type while allowing leasehold, crown and freehold land title identification. Use PSMA Land Tenure for:

  • Improved management of native title, environmental assets and heritage protection
  • Defence and disaster management
  • Better infrastructure planning
  • Extended statistical analysis of land tenure data
  • Detailed operational and strategic planning
  • Enhanced property development planning
  • Identification of land ownership, particularly Crown or Indigenous land
  • Access to detailed reserve classifications, including offshore


New Zealand Property Parcel data set

MapData Services’ New Zealand Property Parcel data set is a digital representation of all cadastral boundaries for New Zealand, excluding easements and road/drainage casements, sourced from LINZ’s Digital Cadastral Database (DCDB).
LINZ’s DCDB is the authoritative source for data on land parcels throughout New Zealand, representing the geographic location, shape, area, land appellation and street address for each land parcel.


PSMA Australia Limited has added two brand new data sets

Land Tenure and Features of Interest give organisations access to the latest data for land management and online navigation.