Address Data

Not all address data is created equal.

MapData Services is the home of the strongest address index data available in Australia and New Zealand.

Our address data is authoritative, sourced from the most reliable providers in the region and available in various different formats, to suit your requirements.

Address data sets are ideal for address validation and geocoding, and can be combined with other digital mapping data sets to enable address level routing and spatial analysis.

MapData Services address data sets include:

  • G-NAF
  • MDS Australian Address Points
  • MDS New Zealand Address
  • Vicmap Address


Geocoded National Address File (G-NAF) is a database of all physical addresses in Australia.

G-NAF is complemented by data sets of roads, cadastre parcels, administrative boundaries, features of interest and more, and is built from valid and existing data from all state and territory governments, Australia Post, and the Australian Electoral Commission.

G-NAF data can be used in almost any business or operation. Examples include:

  • National, state and local infrastructure planning
  • Business planning and analysis
  • Logistics and service planning
  • Emergency and disaster response
  • Personal navigation and mapping
  • Fraud prevention
  • Point-of-entry address validation for businesses and government
  • Government service delivery and policy development

Discover the G-NAF data set value-adds available through MapData Services.