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Healthy lifestyle choices help streamline health cover


Healthy lifestyle choices help streamline health cover

The challenge

Following recent news that private health insurers will raise their premiums by an average of 6.18 per cent from April 2015 – the average Australian household is set to pay approximately $200 more for an annual family policy.

But although many people are rethinking the necessity of their current plans, reports suggest most are still interested in private health insurance – they simply want a better deal.

Providers have to find a way to retain their existing customer base, while still continuing to attract more people towards private health insurance. They need to give the public improved personalised service, additional options, and a reason to choose private.

The solution

To give sectors like private health the ability to see customers’ lifestyles choices, MapData Services created a new MDS Profile – Spend.

This comprehensive geo-demographic data set provides nationwide statistics on the probable health and wellbeing of individuals – looking at 12 groups of expenditure, including alcohol, tobacco, medical care, fresh food and gym memberships.

The Spend data set allows private health providers to delve deeper into the purchasing habits of potential policyholders, and gives them the ability to make smarter policy decisions for the future.

The bottom line

With a clearer understanding of how individuals are looking after their personal wellbeing, health insurers can now personalise policies to suit individuals – without including unnecessary extras.

By doing so, health insurers can financially reward ‘low risk’ customers – people that eat right and exercise frequently – and entice them to rejoin, and develop more substantial plans for those who make poor health choices.

The data set assists with customer care and marketing, and helps private health insurers correctly price their products.


Healthy lifestyle choices help streamline health cover