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Diabetes Queensland


Diabetes Queensland

The starting point

Rates of diabetes have tripled in Queensland over the past two decades, and are expected to triple again in the next twenty years.

In 2011, Diabetes Queensland launched an awareness campaign with the aim of raising community awareness and education around this dramatic increase. The not-for-profit organisation needed to visually represent the issue in an accessible way, as well as enable comparisons between local government areas based on disease rates and risk factors.

In an effort to educate the public and ultimately, combat the trend, Diabetes Queensland approached MapData Services to map the increase in diabetes rates and its associated risk factors via its website.

Our solution

In response to Diabetes Queensland’s requirements, MapData Services created the Diabetes Queensland Epidemic Viewer. The viewer identifies regions with high levels of diabetes incidence (type 1, 2, gestational and insulin requiring) and also displays areas with high incidence of associated risk factors, such as obesity, age or socio-economic status.

The Diabetes Queensland Epidemic Viewer is a hosted ‘data visualisation portal’.  The portal was developed by MapData Services using existing Google Maps and Google Fusion technologies, and is populated with diabetes prevalence and risk factor data.

The bottom line

When the Diabetes Queensland Epidemic Viewer was released in July 2011 to coincide with National Diabetes Week, Diabetes Queensland was able to leverage the opportunity to highlight the prevalence of diabetes in the state. This was an essential element of Diabetes Queensland’s aim – to generate awareness of the rise in the rates of diabetes and increase understanding of the disease more broadly.


View the Diabetes Queensland Epidemic Viewer portal here.


Diabetes Queensland