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Brush up on your local Mary Kay consultant

Brush up on your local Mary Kay consultant

The problem

Successful retail businesses rely on their ability to keep customers informed of new products and where they can find them. But for a business without a shopfront – getting noticed can be a challenging task.

Mary Kay – one of the largest direct sellers of skin care and cosmetics worldwide – relies on its beauty consultants to sell its products. Until recently, Mary Kay did not sell direct to customers and you wouldn’t have found their products in any high-street store.

So how can you reach existing and prospective customers aside from the obvious sale strategies? Mary Kay had already planned a new e-newsletter to promote its new product range, but they needed a way to make their consultants more accessible to customers.


The solution

Mary Kay turned to MapData Services for a clever solution which would allow its customers to quickly and easily locate their nearest or current beauty consultant at any time of the day.

Users simply enter their name and suburb into the beauty consultant locator to get their hands on the names and contact details of their nearest Mary Kay beauty consultant.

The locator can show up to 20 consultants nearby and also provides position titles, so users can contact a Senior Director or a Senior Consultant if they prefer.

This type of query would have previously been answered by Mary Kay’s customer service team during business hours – but the locator provides users with access to their nearest consultant 24 hour a day, every day.


The outcome

According to Mary Kay’s Marketing Manager Juliana Hui, the beauty consultant locator strengthened the relationship between Mary Kay’s consultants and its customers. “This initiative came about before marketing went viral, putting the customer very much in the driving seat,” Ms Hui said.

This technology allowed Mary Kay to connect with its customers and also cement its relationship with its beauty consultants. It also freed up the customer service team to focus on more complex queries.

You can view the Mary Kay beauty consultant locator at

Brush up on your local Mary Kay consultant