QuickLocate is an address geocoding tool that instantly converts a street address into an accurate geographic coordinate (latitude and longitude), so you can easily identify or place locations on a map.

The tool also cleans and corrects address data during the geocoding process – amending spelling errors and confirming correct postcode details – to ensure you’re always working with a complete and accurate picture of an address.

  • Calculate hundreds of geocodes a second and work with an unlimited number of addresses
  • Verify instantly whether an address actually exists within the GNAF database
  • Perform boundary tagging to turn any geographic boundary dataset (such as census districts, electoral regions or flood zones) into a boundary file, which can then be identified on a map.
  • Conduct essential operational tasks such as risk assessment or customer profiling
  • Undertake reverse geocoding to convert latitude and longitude coordinates into a humanreadable address

To learn more about QuickLocate and address geocoding, download the fact sheet on QuickLocate Desktop Geocoder.

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