Leaders in end-to-end data solutions, MapData Services have partnered with Early Warning Network, one of Australia's most advanced weather warning systems in an effort to collaborate and provide communities with more accurate and advanced warnings about disasters and severe weather in their area. 

Early Warning Network utilises GNIS technology platforms to track and monitor feeds which provides members of the community with up-to-date, real-time information regarding severe weather, fire and traffic. 

Working this service into the MapData Services’ data-rich environment, provides easy access to the world’s best datasets, content and data technologies allowing the two companies, to use these tools to create smart solutions only made possible by working together. 

This partnership delivers valuable insights to the end user, providing the everyday person with immediately accessible information – and supporting the nation’s efforts in enhancing disaster management through community preparedness. 

MapData Services General Manager Brett Madsen said the partnership with Early Warning Network was just one example of the company’s extensive market of community-focused clients, looking to bring a new dimension into the MapData Services’ offering. 

“By offering these services through our digital platform, it allows a wide range of customers to access weather services in the right format at the right time. 

“Weather affects everyone and the better this is monitored, the lesser the impact on the community.”

“Through our partnership with MapData Services, we are exposed to a massive user community who can stream our data at the flick of a switch. The sale to an end user is almost friction free.” Explains Kerry Plowright, CEO and Chairman of Aeeris Limited.  

“The agreement we are announcing today involves real-time lightning and observations data which is delivered through EWN’s risk API service into the MapData Services data environment. From there it is immediately available to MDS clientele. This has been in the works since earlier this year and we will be very quickly rolling the full risk data set into the MapData Services environment.”

MapData Services provides Early Warning Network with a digital pipeline to customers within the Geographic Information System (GIS) technology sector, and specifically the Australian Esri user community. Esri’s ArcGIS platform is the world’s most advanced and widely used GIS technology.

For more information, see the full ASX listed release: https://www.asx.com.au/asxpdf/20190206/pdf/442dmtsbc05v6p.pdf