Hear how one of Australia's biggest fuel companies - BP - integrated mapping technology to help truckies set safer, more convenient and more productive long hauls.

The challenge

As one of Australia’s biggest fuel companies, BP was looking for a way to help truckies set safer, more convenient and more productive long hauls. Ultimately, they wanted to give truck drivers a tool that would enable them to easily identify the most suitable service station that could meet all their needs – such as a place to fill up their tanks, as well as take breaks in comfortable surroundings so they can rest up for the next stage of their journey.

The solution

MapData Services (MDS) – a long time business partner of BP – used best-of-breed mapping technology to develop a powerful new truck driver travel companion. The clever app highlights the BP outlets that offer truckie-friendly services on any route across the nation.

The downloadable app assists drivers to seek and find all the services they need during long hauls – such as weighbridges, parking and rest stops – with just the click of a button.

The tool enables truck drivers – and other motorists – to simply enter their origin and destination information to access a detailed map of the quickest route. Best of all, it delivers the information complete with step-by-step navigation.

The bottom line

By combining the convenience of a trip planner with comprehensive information about their stores, BP has delivered their customers an ingenious solution that will literally drive truck drivers to their outlets.

With around 1,400 BP stores throughout Australia, the tool has empowered truck drivers to more easily and strategically plan their journeys, and help manage factors such as fatigue, efficiency, cost and comfort.

Store locators are prolific – and a necessity – in today’s retail environment. But BP’s ingenious travel app has seen the fuel giant think outside the box to provide their customers with that little bit extra.

BP’s Site Locator mobile applications are available for download through iTunes and Google Play.