Human movement data shows the pulse of human movement in Australia.

Human movement data is currently used for planning disaster relief, studying migration of people over time; providing insights, such as how far people travel to visit places and how many people will see a new billboard.

It comprises of data which is collected from mobile phone apps. It anonymously identifies the device from which the location record originated, consistent over time for a given device, which allows us to study aggregated movement of those devices.

We combine the brilliance of SafeGraph GPS Human Movement Data with the world’s fastest GPU accelerated analytics platform – OmniSci – to give you insights on human movement including: stay/linger time, local population movements, long term migration patterns, and travel distance.

  • Understand migration patterns of movement over time
  • Find places with unusual patterns through Node ID
  • Reveal economic activity based on location 
  • See relational activities revealed from where people go to and from 
  • Discover trends of people over time with cohort analysis 
  • Map ID roads and gain insights from origins and destinations
Human movement data

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