Important update to training courses

The wellbeing of our training attendees and staff is MapData Services’ highest priority. In light of the ongoing COVID-19 situation, we are exercising a heightened level of preparedness while endeavouring to minimise disruption to your work schedule.

Until further notice, all scheduled FME training courses will be delivered via a virtual classroom. This arrangement will remain in place, for as long as is necessary, to assist our clients in minimising disruption to their daily operations.

Explore FME training options

  • FME Desktop Basic

    Learn the essential components and capabilities of FME. This course provides an introduction to basic concepts and terminology to help you better understand and leverage the capabilities of the latest version of FME. 

    Who should attend: 
    -    New FME users 
    -    Existing users seeking to develop a better understanding of the fundamentals
    -    ArcGIS users looking for additional tools. Eg. GIS analysts looking to add ETL to their SW portfolio

    This course consists of 5 sections:
    -    Data Translation Basics
    -    Data Transformation
    -    Workspace Design
    -    Practical Transformer Use
    -    Best Practice

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  • FME Desktop Advanced

    Building on the skills acquired in the FME Desktop Basic training, this course covers functionality that is important to all users looking to take their skills to the next level

    Who should attend: 
    -    Seeking to understand more capabilities you can leverage from the latest version of FME
    -    Understanding what's new and how to put it to best use
    -    You have specific challenges you would like to discuss with a Certified Trainer

    This course consists of 5 sections:
    -    Advanced Attribute Handling
    -    Advanced Workspace Design
    -    Advanced Reading/Writing
    -    Advanced Parameter Use
    -    Custom Transformers

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  • FME Server Authoring

    Learn how to create FME translation models for use on FME Server. This course introduces basic concepts and terminology and helps you become an efficient FME Server user, and direct you to resources to help apply the product to your own needs.

    Who should attend: 
    -    Experienced FME users with a basic familiarity with FME Desktop concepts and practices 

    This course consists of 5 sections:
    -    Introduction to FME Server
    -    Data Handling and FME Server
    -    Self-Serve Basics
    -    Real-Time with FME Server
    -    Real-Time Message Handling

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  • FME Server Administration

    FME Server administration involves managing important tasks like optimisation, security, and installation. Learn what administration options are available in FME Server and how to modify them to design the most effective deployment for your needs. You'll learn how to monitor the health of FME Server and its components, plus how to troubleshoot problems.

    Who should attend: 
    -    Individuals or teams maintaining an FME Server environment
    -    Experience FME Server users 
    -    Those who have completed the FME Server Authoring course 

    The course is made up of seven sections:
    -    Planning an FME Server Installation
    -    FME Server Connectivity
    -    FME Server Security
    -    Scalability and Performance
    -    FME Server Customization
    -    Migration and Upgrades
    -    Troubleshooting


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  • Custom training

    Combine elements of standard FME courses with your specific requirements to equip your team with the skills they need. Get in touch with our team to develop a tailored program to suit your organisation's business goals.

    Training can be delivered on virtual machines or within your own environment.

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