The FME data integration platform makes it simple to connect virtually any type of data or application - from simple spreadsheets to complex spatial databases. 

You can seamlessly move data between 400+ formats and applications, while preserving data quality throughout the conversion process. Plus, the platform provides native support for location data, including the complexity of GIS, CAD, and BIM.

  • Eliminate data silos without any coding by moving information between 400+ applications
  • Improve data quality and reduce time spent on data preparation by using 500+ transformers to manipulate data in unlimited ways
  • Increase productivity and deliver data to people faster by turning recurring tasks into event-based workflows 
  • Seamlessly scale up capacity with additional engines
  • Enjoy quick installation and be up and running in meetings – so you can reach your goals faster. 
  • Run workflows on the Desktop or deploy them in a Server or Cloud environment.

To learn more about FME, download fact sheet on: FME Desktop, FME Cloud and FME Server. Alternatively, for a closer look at the security precautions we have in place, please read through the FME Server Security Whitepaper.

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