Our suite of APIs enables developers to seamlessly integrate powerful location capabilities - such as high-quality maps, accurate driving directions, precise distance calculations, or proximity searches - into any type of website, app, or business process.   

We partner with API providers – from TomTom to HERE Technologies – to bring leading API capabilities to our customers.

  • Easily add mapping and location-based smarts to any desktop, mobile or web application
  • Create a user-friendly online mapping experience that features both aerial and satellite imagery
  • Quickly geocode – or reverse geocode – to find or place a location on a map
  • Perform advanced spatial searches and analysis across customised data
  • Enable auto-complete functionality to validate addresses and locations
  • Calculate routes and perform route optimisation and analysis.
Web Mapping API

To learn more about our our APIs, download the fact sheet on covering Tile API, Features API, Geocode API, Reverse Geocode API, Suggestions API, Place API and Shape API.

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