FAQs – Our New Data Centre

At MapData Services, we are committed to continually improving our products and services. To this effect, we have started migrating all our hosted services to a new Australian data centre. This move will ensure our clients continue to enjoy the most reliable, secure and stable hosting platform in the country.

Below is a number of frequently asked questions regarding the transition to the new data centre.

Why is MapData Services moving its hosted solutions to a new data centre?

MapData Services has made the decision to move to a new data centre to ensure clients have access to the most cutting-edge hosting solution available. We expect our new data centre will deliver improved uptime and greater reliability.

Where will my solution be hosted?

MapData Services will continue to host all its solutions, applications and services in Australia. The new data centre is based in Sydney.

During the migration, how will my applications or services be affected?

Each client’s migration will take place over the course of one night (afterhours between 6pm and 6am). We do not anticipate any significant downtime or impact to our clients’ services. Any downtime that may be experienced will be limited and confined to afterhours.

Will the new data centre change my applications or services in any way?

Your applications and services will continue to operate in the same way. The only change from the migration to the new data centre will be improved up time and stability.

How long will the migration process take?

MapData Services will begin migrating applications and services to the new data centre from December 2013. Each client’s service migration will take place over the course of one night (afterhours between 6pm and 6am). We anticipate all clients will be migrated to the new data centre by March 2014.

Will this move incur any additional costs to clients?

No. The move to the new data centre will have no financial impact to clients.

If I experience any issues, who should I contact?

If you have any questions or concerns around the new data centre or migration process, you can contact us on 02 8436 2800, from 8am to 6pm (Monday to Friday), or email info@mapdataservices.com.

During the migration, will there be support staff available outside of normal office hours?

Yes. An afterhours technical specialist will be available in case of an urgent request – they can be contacted on 02 8436 2800.