Site Selection & Territory Management

Location, location, location...

When it comes to making decisions about selecting new store sites or defining sales territories, it really is all about location.

Geodemographic analysis is key to helping businesses understand the areas they are operating in, to mitigate the risks involved in opening new stores or expanding into new areas, and to ultimately maximise returns.

Knowing where potential customers are located, how much disposal income they have, and how far they will travel to make a purchase is crucial information that could make or break a new venture or expansion opportunity.

MapData Services’ site selection and territory management solutions, underpinned by the world-leading geodemographic analysis technology Tactician Online, help businesses make better operational and strategic market-based decisions.

From trade area analysis to identifying new markets and potential site locations, our team of skilled developers can craft customised solutions that take the guesswork out of site selection and territory management.