Route Optimisation

Organisations that operate vehicles have an assortment of issues they must contend with – such as battling increasing fuel prices, greater competition, tighter government regulations, occupational health and safety, customer service pressures or reducing their carbon footprint.

Furthermore, the transport industry is set to experience a rise in operating costs as part of the new financial year. With increases to wages, superannuation and other road user charges, now is a perfect time to streamline your company’s operating costs.

MapData Services Route Optimisation solutions draw on leading mapping technologies to help combat these issues, by determining the most cost-effective, suitable path for a vehicle to travel when on the road.  

By combining an organisation’s specific business requirements and resources with predetermined locations and road network constraints, we can help arrange appointments, maintenance, delivery or service calls in the most efficient order – ultimately saving your business time and money.

  • Calculate efficiency of existing routes and compare with optimal itineraries.
  • Reduce travel distances, fuel expenses, wear and tear, and limit environmental impact.
  • Increase delivery volume without additional costs.
  • Improve customer service:
    • Respect delivery time slots.
    • Automatically calculate visit frequency.
    • Match best vehicle (i.e. lift gate) with a customer need.