Truly independent advice is hard to come by – but at MapData Services, it’s a point of difference we’re fiercely committed to.

Access to a wide range of products, service providers and suppliers enables us to work across platforms and provide our clients with genuinely ‘best of breed’ solutions.

Through a constant cycle of listening, consulting and custom-designing, MapData Services delivers clients with the right solution for their particular business requirements.

MapData Services consultants can work with your business to provide a road map on how best to use location-based solutions to help grow your business.

Services we assist with include:


Geocoding translates written addresses into mappable locations, and can assist you with locating customers, creating buyer profiles or better pricing products, policies and services. Speak to one of our consultants about geocoding addresses for your organisation and see where your data points are in a real-world context – revealing the location-based relationships within your data.

Data management

This service encompasses data creation, management, updating and hosting, through to printed maps and published outputs.


MapData Services can provide development resources to enable clients to build location-based solutions with a variety of mapping platforms for web and mobile.

Geodemographic analysis and reporting

By integrating business data with demographic (e.g. the latest census) or other data sources (e.g. road networks, points of interest), we can produce location-based business intelligence.

Market areas

This service helps establish unique geographic definitions for businesses, based on a variety of standard boundary levels. Areas are developed, displayed and described – from national territory hierarchies (e.g. franchise boundaries, sales territories, service regions, and trade areas) to precise regions in which a particular business operates.

Custom map production

MapData Services can develop customised digital maps that meet every conceivable requirement, including: street maps; thematic maps showing the number of customers per postcode; maps displaying business and competitor locations; or maps presenting sales territories, franchise boundaries or trade areas – just to name a few.

Route optimisation

These services compute the best path for a person or vehicle to take, considering all the potential constraints, and taking into account conditions that must be met at load and unload points.

Distance matrix

Our consultants can devise solutions that determine the distance and time travelled between locations for the completion of quotes, site selection and work allocation. This service generates customised lists of distances and travel times between any set of towns, postcodes or addresses. It can be based on straight-line paths or draw on comprehensive, navigable road networks.