Tactician Online

MapData Services is the Australian home of Tactician Online, a world-leading geodemographic analysis tool that enables businesses to make better operational and strategic market-based decisions.

Tactician Online mashes together authoritative data, specific client data and mapping technology to generate a geographic view of a business – so managers can visualise information and gain a better understanding of the opportunities and challenges facing their business.

By mixing together information about stores, sales patterns and customers and plotting it on a map, the technology delivers new marketing insights that previously would have gone unnoticed.

Drawing on Tactician Online, MapData Services delivers customised solutions that take the guesswork out of site selection, territory management and marketing activities.

MapData Services offers two Tactician Online modules.



Tactician Online Standard Module

Our Standard Module includes the Tactician Data Dashboard and Territory Manager:

  • The Data Dashboard panel is a simple way to view and customise data, such as demographics, lifestyle, risk or your own sales figures, to understand what drives your business. View specified data for any market or geography and compare, rank, sort and filter to zero in on the best opportunities. Use charts and tables to provide a snapshot view and data analysis of all your markets.
  • Territory Manager is a simple-to-use web-based solution for aligning and managing sales territories to improve your return on investment. Users can organise and import their own territory structures and data to create and view field sales, service, or franchise territories in real-time, displayed on high quality maps and reports.

Tactician Online Premium Module

In addition to the Data Dashboard and Territory Manager, our Premium Module also includes Territory Optimiser and Gravity Model:

  • Territory Optimiser reduces the cost of operating sales and field forces by reducing travel time and balancing workloads. This web-based model provides options for creating new field forces or modifying existing sales forces while minimising disruption.
  • Gravity Model considers individual site attributes, sales potential and location to forecast the demand (sales volume) at a retail site and show where the demand is coming from within the trade area. The model can also forecast the impact other variables may have on your business, in a constant shifting market place.

As part of Tactician Online, MapData Services is also able to offer Hometrack – a powerful data set that provides property attributes and valuation data for all Australia addresses.