The MDS RoadNET series provides a highly detailed, comprehensive database of street centrelines (including names and road type), hydrology (oceans, lakes, rivers, islands, etc.) and related information (transport layers, towns, points of interest, greenspaces etc.).

These products are suitable for local and national mapping, and are available throughout Australia and New Zealand.  

The MDS RoadNET data set is underpinned by a road centreline layer of over 2.6 million kilometres of roads, together with more than 30 feature types within transport, hydrology and greenspace themes across Australia and New Zealand. 

The hydrology model has been recently updated and incorporated into the product for the Australian region.

The transport theme provides data that covers the following infrastructure:

  • Roads – a national coverage of network roads at all levels within Australia Everything from major highways to outback tracks, new roads and changes to current roads
  • Airports – all aspects of airport infrastructure within Australia, airports from international terminals to local landing strips
  • Rail – the national rail network as well as tram lines, are provided in one layer, with a separate layer showing railway stations

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