GeoRisk Services

When it comes to understanding the level of natural hazard risk a property is exposed to, access to accurate, up-to-date risk data is vital.

MapData Services is a source of the latest risk mapping technologies and the most current, comprehensive and quantitative risk data portfolio available in Australia and New Zealand.

Our GeoRisk Services solutions include:

GeoRisk Web Service API

  • A programmable online web service hosted by MapData Services.
  • Accurately assesses risk down to a single street address level and determines its impact on a home or business.
  • Enables cost-effective access to the exclusive Risk Frontiers (RF) Natural Hazards Risk Database. This database provides scientific information related to five ‘perils’: bushfire, earthquake, hailstorm, tropical cyclone and riverine flood.

GeoRisk Premium Web Service API

  • An enhanced version of the GeoRisk Web Service which includes all the features outlined above.
  • Members of the Insurance Council of Australia (ICA) can access a hosted service for the National Flood Information Database (NFID).

RF Natural Hazards Risk Profile Report

  • RF Natural Hazards Risk Profile Applications allow users to instantly assess an address’s exposure to natural disaster.
  • Access online reports on a chosen single street address level, which contains a table of risk ratings and a series of maps identifying the location of the property.
  • Generate PDF reports summarising natural hazard threats to individual Australian properties in a five-point ranking of the relative threat of hazard.