Data Visualisation Portal

MapData Services’ Data Visualisation Portal provides clients with a compelling way to present information, tell a story, convey a point, or equip users with the right knowledge to help them make decisions.

Drawing on the nation’s most authoritative data and cutting-edge mapping technologies, our Data Visualisation Portal translates information into a rich map-based image.


By looking at information in this way, users can easily visualise data and its implications – and draw conclusions that might have been overlooked if the information was presented in a spreadsheet or graph.

  • Highlight and display trends and hotspots via an interactive map
  • Provide your corporate information, such as stats or other data, to stakeholders in a meaningful format
  • Perform spatial analysis
  • Interact with information via an intuitive map-based interface

MapData Services’ Data Visualisation Portal can be integrated into any enterprise information system framework. It is deployed on a secure, scalable and robust architecture hosted by MapData Services’ Data Centre and can be accessed via web or mobile.