Meet the next generation in claims management

Introducing a clever new claims management application that's set to save insurers millions - by enabling policyholders to instantly lodge a claim straight from their smartphone.  

Drawing on cutting-edge crowdsourcing technology, the app allows policyholders to take pictures of an incident and submit a geographically referenced claim to their insurer, all in the blink of an eye. Better still, the app starts a two-way conversation between the insurer and the policyholder - insuring the customer is kept up-to-date about their claim every step of the way via instant messages and progress updates. 

As well as helping insurers engage more efficiently with policy holders, the app allows insurers to reduce the number of fraudulent claims by verifying an incident and assessing damage through pictures. This is an important development with insurance fraud costing the industry an estimated $2 billion a year.

Learn more about how the app works here.

This latest claims management app continues MapData Service’s record of delivering smart and innovative mapping solutions for the insurance industry over the last 15 years.