Online travel app delivers safer drives for Aussie truckies

By Alicia Kouparitsas26 Apr 2013

A major Australian fuel company is using modern mapping technology to enable the nation’s truckies to set safer, more convenient and more productive long hauls.

Drawing on technology and data from digital mapping specialist MapData Services (MDS), BP Australia has developed a powerful new truck driver travel companion that highlights the BP outlets that offer truck-friendly services on any route across the nation.

BP Australia Product and Offer Specialist Jan Willink said the tool – which is available online, and soon as a downloadable app - helps truck drivers seek and find all the services they need during long hauls, including weighbridges, parking and rest stops.

“Truck drivers need to be able to stop at a single location to fill their tank, as well as take breaks in comfortable surroundings that enable them to rest up for the next stage of the journey,” Mr Willink said.

“Our new tool enables truck drivers – and other motorists – to simply enter their origin and destination information to access a detailed map of the quickest route – complete with step-by-step navigation.

“With information on around 1,400 BP stores throughout Australia, the tool takes a huge amount of pressure off truck drivers by letting them strategically plan their journeys and manage factors such as fatigue, efficiency, cost and comfort.”

MDS General Manager Cassandra Barker said BP Australia, one of Australia’s long-term users of online location-based technologies, had once again positioned themselves at the industry forefront with the development of this app.

“A growing number of Australian companies are taking advantage of intuitive mapping technologies to connect with their customers and provide the best possible service,” Ms Barker said.

Store locators are prolific – and a necessity – in today’s retail environment, so we’re starting to see companies like BP think outside the box to offer consumers something extra.

“By combining the convenience of a trip planner with comprehensive information about their stores, BP has delivered their customers with an ingenious solution that will literally drive truck drivers to their outlets.

“The service is also particularly helpful to BP’s commercial clients and promotes the use of corporate loyalty fuel cards by letting clients plan their stops ahead of time and make the most of loyalty benefits.”

Visit the BP site locator and trip planner

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