Mapping event to uncover new directions

By Alicia Kouparitsas13 Feb 2013

Australia's largest intelligent mapping seminar series is set to showcase some of the latest advancements in location-based technology - including Adelaide City Council's 'Australian-first' community map app.

Directions 2013, hosted by leading Geographic Information Systems (GIS) specialist Esri Australia, will kick off in Adelaide on the 18 of February before touring to Darwin, Townsville, Perth, Canberra, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and finally wrapping up in Hobart on the 8 March.

In addition to featuring a number of user presentations from businesses and governments around the country, Directions 2013 will comprise best practice demonstrations delivered by local technical specialists, industry thought leaders and visiting international experts.

In particular, the Directions 2013 program will cover off on many of the latest advancements in intelligent mapping technology, including the growing popularity of Cloud GIS platforms, as well as new innovations in 3D technology and app development.

One of the new directions that will be explored in Adelaide is the growing area of location-intelligent smartphone applications.

Adelaide City Council’s Sonjoy Ghosh will be sharing his organisation’s experiences developing an app that empowers users to instantly report community concerns – such as graffiti or busted street lights – with a click of their smartphones.

Using a world-leading technology called CitySourced, the Adelaide City Council smartphone app lets users send multimedia reports about city maintenance issues directly to the Council’s customer service centre.

Mr Ghosh said Adelaidians were using the app to log a range of issues.

“Users have been including photographs of damaged lighting in the city parklands, right through to design deficiencies in public assets - for example, a tap that is too high for children to reach in a playground,” he said.

“It’s been great to see the technology create a positive, collaborative experience that gives citizens a sense of ownership of their community.”

MapData Services’ Cassandra Barker will also be presenting at Directions in Melbourne, and will discuss how cutting-edge digital mapping technologies are helping businesses and governments worldwide generate higher levels of public participation and facilitate improved operational efficiencies.

“Thousands of councils and government departments across the country already use mapping technology in their day-to-day business operations - whether it’s to manage their assets, analyse their data or simply help ratepayers locate essential services,” Ms Barker said.

“We're now seeing a new generation of mapping technologies emerge, which create a dynamic, interactive experience that puts the user at the centre of the picture – and I believe these innovations will effectively rewrite the book on how councils and alike can govern.”

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