FleetLocate drives down expenses and keeps service on track

30 Nov 2016

With a growing user base that’s already passed a million worldwide, FleetLocate is fast becoming essential technology for companies managing moving assets.

It’s software as a service (SaaS) that tracks the GPS signal from a smart device to follow the operational behaviour of delivery or service vehicles. It can also be hardwired directly into a moving asset to provide more complex data on performance quality – so if a job isn’t carried out correctly, organisations can analyse where the inefficiency is stemming from.

“FleetLocate is designed for two key things: cost savings and customer service,” said MapData Services General Manager Cassandra Barker. “It ensures decision-makers have full transparency over what’s happening with their fleet at any given time, so they can make adjustments where necessary.

“The software is visual – it’s not like looking at a spreadsheet with columns and rows. There are icons. Infographics. You really don’t have to be technically savvy to use the system.

“Organisations are able to log on to a web browser, pull up the map view and instantly see how their assets are moving and performing in real-time. Call centre staff, meanwhile, can confidently respond to complaints with accurate information.

“Historical data can also be accessed, allowing users to compare past records to what’s currently happening within their operations, and make adjustments based on those statistics.”

In addition to providing internal information, FleetLocate is being used by councils and commercial businesses to monitor hired contractors. Previously, external fleet suppliers could charge based on time alone. Now, payment can hinge on the correct route being followed and the service being completed within the contracted timeframe.

“FleetLocate has the ability to track speed and driving time as well, so there are added operational health and safety benefits,” said Ms Barker. “If a driver is speeding on a consistent basis, managers can identify the problem and work to rehabilitate them.”

The City of West Torrens in South Australia has used FleetLocate in its street sweepers for almost a decade, while Transport for NSW has introduced the software to track the location of its bus fleet.

Insurers are beginning to leverage FleetLocate as a way to help impose restrictions on certain licence holders – for example, stopping a P-plater driving late at night. It can also act as an anti-theft device, so if a vehicle is stolen, it can be tracked and potentially immobilised, depending on the technology in place.

“The benefits of asset tracking are huge and the savings obvious,” said Esri Australia smart transport specialist Evan Quick.

“FleetLocate helps to increase the utilisation of assets, reduce costs associated with fuel consumption and maintenance, and can streamline fringe benefits tax reporting thanks to a built-in, fully automated FBT solution that’s been approved by the Australian Tax Office.

“Monitoring things like vehicle speed also improves the road conduct of drivers, so the technology creates behavioural change, as well as financial gains.”

If you’d like to introduce MDS FleetLocate into your operations, call MapData Services on +61 2 8436 2800.

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