2013 Federal Election Map adds property to the political picture

10 Sep 2013

In an Australian-first, Seven News’ 2013 federal election coverage drew on a cutting-edge election map which revealed key election insights – including the country’s first look at the property market from an electoral perspective.

The interactive 2013 Federal Election Map –  which was developed by Geographic Information System (GIS) technology experts Esri Australia for Seven News and Yahoo!7 – was broadcast live to the nation on 7 September and online via the Yahoo!7 website.

MapData Services contributed to the groundbreaking map by providing market-leading property information, known as Hometrack data.

The map also featured data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics and Australian Electoral Commission, to provide a detailed view of every federal electorate in Australia across areas, including employment and education, infrastructure, ancestry, financial positioning and electorate demographics.

MapData Services General Manager Cassandra Barker said the election map provided voters with an unprecedented level of insight to the 2013 election’s issues.

“This is an incredibly smart map that delivered key election-related information straight into the hands of Seven News journalists, as well as Australian voters’ hands,” Ms Barker said.

“For the first time in a federal election, the community had instant access to Hometrack data, which provides detailed information on not only the median house price for each electorate, but also the change in house prices over the past year and past three years.

“The map also revealed where the highest and lowest ranked electorates are in regards to median house price or house value appreciation and depreciation.

“In this way, the election map provided a compelling insight into the financial positioning of each electorate – and a new perspective to the issues impacting the election as the votes were being tallied.”

Hometrack data consists of more than 100 million records from over 30 data sources – making it the most comprehensive and accurate property data in Australia.

Seven News Election Producer Stuart Wallace said the 2013 Federal Election Map enabled Seven News and Yahoo!7 to connect with viewers at a local level.

“We’ve put meaningful, locally-relevant information into the hands of viewers,” Mr Wallace said.

“This means viewers can go beyond the news they’re watching on television or reading online, to get more information about the stories that affect them the most.

“The election map also gives our reporters and producers the information they need to build incredibly detailed and layered profiles for all the nation’s electorates.

“We could provide viewers with greater context to political developments that occurred during the campaign and on election night.

“Instead of just reporting what is happening, we could provide in-depth insight into why it is happening and what impacts it will have for real people.”

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