Geoscape makes Australia’s built environment available to all09 Aug

In a world-leading initiative, Australians will soon have access to nationwide coverage of their country’s observed built environment, anchored in a reliable geospatial base. more

Indoor positioning and tracking high-value assets20 Jul

As new technologies continue to emerge, businesses are becoming more savvy towards indoor positioning and the tracking of high-value assets. In this article we’ll look at how it all works, where it’s used, and why it’s important. more

Identifying the swing votes of the 2016 Australian Federal Election05 Jul

A new online map makes it easy to see where the swing votes occurred in the 2016 Australian Federal Election and how they have changed since 2013. more

The inside scoop on indoor positioning technology17 Mar

Spatial and surveying professionals nationwide are set to converge on the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre from 12 – 14 April for the annual Locate Conference. more

New data shines a light on daytime customers17 Mar

First-of-its-kind Australian mapping data could finally solve a business conundrum of the ages: just where is my market? more

Inside the next-gen technologies mapping mobile indoor assets13 Jan

Recent advancements in movement monitoring software have seen spatial technology capabilities expanded to redefine how assets are monitored within spaces confined by bricks and mortar. more

Join us at Australia’s premier mapping event30 Jul

From 2 to 4 September, the who’s who of mapping will descend in Melbourne as part of the Australian Esri User Conference – Ozri 2015. more

New technology prescribes a stress-less hospital visit29 Jul

Navigating the clinical labyrinth of Australia’s hospitals will become easier for patients and visitors thanks to a new generation of smartphone apps. more

Profiling tool personalises health fund premiums20 Apr

A new health cover profiling tool that enables insurers to personalise quotes using household spending habits in the areas policy-holders live, work and play is set to transform the industry. more

New game-day technology will give fans home advantage11 Feb

Sports fans can say goodbye to crowd chaos, maddening queues and frustrating, maze-like stadiums with a new range of mobile apps set to revolutionise the game-day experience. more

Partnership turns virtual into reality16 Dec

Analytics previously exclusive to cyberspace are now available in the physical world thanks to an international partnership between technology powerhouses Esri Australia, MapData Services and GISi Indoors. more

Online fire map live streams key NSW bushfire information23 Oct

A detailed and highly accurate online NSW Bushfire Community Map has been launched to keep the public informed about evacuation centres, air quality, traffic control issues, emergency alerts, school closures and the current status of the numerous bushfires that continue to threaten NSW communities. more

Geelong’s future health hotzones placed on the map10 Jul

Cutting-edge mapping technology is underpinning a new generation of targeted health services in Geelong, helping Victoria’s largest not-for-profit private healthcare provider plan its new $447 million teaching hospital for that region. more

Personal banking back on the map06 Jun

A clever new mapping tool is set to revive and reshape personalised banking by giving financial institutions the foresight to accurately anticipate their customers’ needs. more

Landmark study predicts boom in location-aware smartphone apps01 May

Australians are about to see an explosion of location-aware smartphone apps from their councils as local governments explore new ways to connect with their citizens, a landmark technology study has found. more


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