Geelong’s future health hotzones placed on the map10 Jul

Cutting-edge mapping technology is underpinning a new generation of targeted health services in Geelong, helping Victoria’s largest not-for-profit private healthcare provider plan its new $447 million teaching hospital for that region. more

Personal banking back on the map06 Jun

A clever new mapping tool is set to revive and reshape personalised banking by giving financial institutions the foresight to accurately anticipate their customers’ needs. more

Landmark study predicts boom in location-aware smartphone apps01 May

Australians are about to see an explosion of location-aware smartphone apps from their councils as local governments explore new ways to connect with their citizens, a landmark technology study has found. more

Online travel app delivers safer drives for Aussie truckies26 Apr

A major Australian fuel company is using modern mapping technology to enable the nation’s truckies to set safer, more convenient and more productive long hauls. more

Next gen insurance app to save millions in claims14 Mar

A next generation smartphone app is set to save insurers millions of dollars in the wake of natural disasters by ushering in an era of 'crowdsourced' claims management, according to a leading app development specialist. more

Mapping event to uncover new directions13 Feb

Australia's largest intelligent mapping seminar series is set to showcase some of the latest advancements in location-based technology - including Adelaide City Council's 'Australian-first' community map app. more

Next-gen apps a reality for Australia property sector14 Jan

True ‘augmented reality’ apps that reveal highly detailed property intelligence with just the scan of a smartphone are now within reach of the nation’s real estate sector, following the release of an incredible new data source. more

Health calculator reveals route to faster payment for SA patients12 Dec

Remote South Australians who must travel to receive medical treatment are now being more consistently reimbursed by the government, thanks to an interactive, online distance calculator. more

3D technology unlocks new virtual world for NZ businesses28 Nov

After taking the U.S by storm, a new technology that empowers organisations to conduct their operations in a life-like 3D digital world, has hit New Zealand’s shores. more

Adelaide reports Aussie first with community map app27 Nov

Adelaide has become Australia’s first city to give its residents the power to instantly report community concerns – such as graffiti or busted street lights – with a click of their smartphones. more

MapData Services expands data portfolio with Sensis agreement04 Sep

MapData Services has become Australia’s unrivalled mapping data specialist after signing a landmark agreement with Location Navigation Pty Ltd, a fully owned subsidiary of Sensis Pty Ltd. more

Doing more with maps and data than anyone thought possible03 Sep

Since you last visited us, you may have noticed some changes are afoot at MapData Services. more

Digital mapping pipedreams shown to be a virtual reality.29 Aug

MapData Services will be unveiling two of the most cutting-edge technologies to hit Australian shores this year at next week’s Ozri 2012 – Australasia’s largest Geographic Information System (GIS) conference. more

50 shades of greyscale set to be a best seller28 Aug

Australia’s market-leading digital base map, used by organisations such as Woolworths and the Australian Bureau of Statistics, is now available in greyscale – making it easier than ever for businesses to highlight their own data in online maps. more

Smartphone app is the citizen's new power source11 Jul

After taking the U.S. by storm, a new technology that empowers members of the community to use their smartphones to instantly report everything from potholes to major crimes, has hit Australian shores. more


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