Hometrack boosts 2013 Federal Election Map

The 2013 Federal Election Map – a collaboration between mapping experts Esri Australia and leading news network Seven News/Yahoo!7 – provides an in-depth look into the key issues affecting electorates across the country. 

The smart map features a rich range of powerful data sets that provide a thought-provoking insight into what’s happening in electorates across Australia.

MapData Services has been involved with the project by providing market-leading property information, known as Hometrack data.



Hometrack data provides detailed information on not only the median house price for each electorate, but also the change in house prices over the past year and past three years. 

Users can also discover where the highest and lowest ranked electorates are in regards to median house price or house value appreciation and depreciation.

In this way, the data provides a compelling insight into the financial positioning of each electorate – and a new perspective on the issues impacting the upcoming election.

Hometrack data consists of more than 100 million records from over 30 data sources – making it the most comprehensive and accurate property data in Australia.


Users can assess this information alongside other key election data, such as level of mortgage stress, ancestry, infrastructure, employment and even education levels.