Are you in need of fast and accurate property data and valuations?

MapData Services has unlocked the door to Hometrack, one of the most detailed sources of information on Australian properties ever assembled.

Consisting of more than 100 million records from over 30 separate data sources, Hometrack covers 100 per cent of all Australian addresses.

Available as part of our Tactician Online offering, this powerful data set uses automated valuation modelling to determine the value of a property by looking at size and attributes, listing campaigns, sales history and comparable transactions in the area.

Hometrack is a valuable data set for anyone that deals with property, including real estate, finance, insurance, conveyancing and government sectors.

For instance, if a mortgage lender receives a home loan application, the approver can draw on Hometrack immediately to confirm the value of the house and establish if the loan-to-value ratio is reasonable – therefore reducing the associated risk.

Being updated on a quarterly basis, means users have access to the latest property information available.

Hometrack draws on a broad selection of data includes (amongst others):

  • Median house and unit values: based on the valuations (not sales) and segmented by number of bedrooms and by dwelling type (e.g. house/unit)
  • Property size: based on valuation data, this breaks down the number of properties within each block size range (i.e. 250-500m²)
  • Average sales: average sale price, total sales value and sales volume for each year, from 2008 to 2011
  • Average time to sale: the amount of time (in days) from listing to sale, from 2008 to 2011

When packaged with Tactician Online, this potent data set offers a wide range of key features and benefits:

  • Reduced risk through accurate property valuation
  • Instant access to a broad library of property information that can alleviate the need for costly physical property inspections
  • Up-to-date data increases management control
  • Maximises return on investment in sales, service and distribution field resources
  • Helps target retail opportunities and streamline sales operations

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