Geoscape Data

Geoscape is a new initiative from PSMA that captures Australia’s observed built environment and anchors it in a reliable geospatial base.

The data set is regularly updated and links together numerous land and property features relating to:

  • Physical structures
  • Land and vegetation
  • Geographical locations

This includes 3D building attributes, land cover details and tree heights, in addition to information on roof materials, swimming pools, solar panels and more.

PSMA Australia Geoscape fly-through 

Geoscape differs from other existing urban 3D representations in three key ways:

  • The coverage is national – it will document the whole of Australia
  • It will be maintained on a regular basis so that it depicts the built environment as it changes
  • Geoscape includes linkages to other important geospatial reference data sets, such as geocoded address, property boundary data and the transport network