MDS Profiles – Profiles at Work

A revamped data set offering huge value to commercial businesses and local governments – Profiles at Work highlights who is in a specific geographical area during the day.

Developed by MapData Services as part of its MDS Profiles suite of geodemographic data products, the data set allows business owners to determine where citizens are during business hours, and better understand who those people are as well.

This helps ensure site selection is on point, marketing efforts are being focused on the right targets, and can simplify choices relating to things like product offerings, menu options and operating hours.

Profiles at Work also allows council planners and decision-makers to position services and introduce developments where they’re needed the most.

This could be to do with health, education or childcare, or even roads, parks or public transport.

The data set combines three other popular MDS Profiles: People, Journey to Work and Daytime Population.

It then groups people into ten profile categories, for example: ‘affluent high net worth professionals’ to ‘younger families’, ‘commuters and workers’ and ‘cosmopolitan mix’.

Quick facts

  • Sourced from current ABS data
  • A combination of three MDS Profiles data sets: People, Journey to Work, Daytime Population
  • Highlights where people are located during the working day, to help businesses make smarter marketing and operational decisions
  • Can also be used by local governments to better position public services and inform infrastructure and development decisions
  • Available as a single layer of data, with all features represented as polygons