Administrative Boundaries

High quality maps are underpinned with high quality data. MapData Services provides a range of authoritative administrative boundary mapping products for Australia and New Zealand, including:

Suburb and locality boundaries

This data set contains all of the suburb, town, city and locality regions within Australia and New Zealand.

It also features protected areas within Australia (for example national parks, state forests or Aboriginal reserves), as well as delivery areas identified by Australia Post or New Zealand Post.

Postcode boundaries

The Postcode Boundaries and Points table contains all of the postcode regions within Australia as well as the PO Box and LVR Locations.

Australian postcodes are matched and verified against Australia Post databases.

In New Zealand, MapData Services is licenced to resell official New Zealand Post ‘SendRight’ postcode boundaries.

Local Government Authorities (LGAs)

These boundaries specify the area of each Local Government or Council – often referred to as cities, rural cities, boroughs, shires and councils.

Electoral boundaries (State and Federal)

The ever-changing nature of political boundaries means that up-to-date information on electoral boundaries is an important resource for policymakers.

This data set provides an up-to-date record of the State and Federal political boundaries.

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