Solutions for Telecommunications

With a focus on connecting people across different locations, the telecommunications industry has always recognised the significance of geography.

And as the world becomes increasingly connected, market leaders are realising the true potential of location when combined with groundbreaking data management and analysis technology.

Looking at data through a geographic lens delivers unprecedented insights into your market and consumers’ behaviour.

Empowered with a new understanding of your business, you can develop innovative, smarter and more targeted solutions.

Our cutting-edge smart mapping solutions and authoritative data sets help identify market trends, consumer patterns and relationships, the best locations for infrastructure and retail outlets, population totals covered by services, service gaps and more.

Introduce yourself to some of our popular products and start leveraging location data to work for you.

  • MDS Foundation Map
    Access the most accurate, high-quality digital base map commercially available in Australia and New Zealand.
  • MDS Profiles
    Truly understand who your customers are and where they spend their money.
  • HERE Location Platform
    Access near real-time maps and data to inform business decisions with the most accurate information available.
  • MDS FleetLocate
    Monitor, track and map your mobile service fleet in near real-time.
  • Tactician Online
    Pinpoint the best sites for new business ventures and maximise key sales territories.
  • Consulting services
    Enjoy expert data management support and customised business solution development.