Visitor Analytics

Visitor Analytics is a robust and powerful information-gathering tool – providing you with the ability to analyse and gain insights into the relationships, trends and patterns existing within the physical spaces around us.

Indoor insight and engagement

  • Measure the effectiveness of marketing efforts and analyse how sales correlate with various advertising campaigns and placement strategies
  • Map floor plans of your indoor space to visualise customer behaviour in near real-time
  • Maximise real estate decisions by analysing foot traffic past your premise, co-tenant traffic and rent PSF optimisation

Indoor analytics allows you to optimise the layout of your facility based on how people interact with your physical space, and provides understanding as to what kind of displays move visitors through your complex to a point-of-sale.


Directions directly to customers

  • Help customers find their way throughout your indoor space by providing turn-by-turn directions, follow-along paths and points of interest
  • Analyse customer behaviour to gain key insights into how people interact with your space
  • Create virtual perimeters to deliver relevant content to customers upon them entering, dwelling in or leaving an area

MapData Services takes your indoor floor plan information and optimises it so customers can search for, and navigate to, points of interests using a smartphone. With indoor navigation, you have the ability to enhance the customer experience, while concurrently gathering valuable behavioural insights.


Mapping of high value assets

  • Actively view an asset’s whereabouts on an interactive smart map and determine the path it has travelled through your facility
  • Stay updated on an asset’s location, the time it has been there, as well as whether the asset has moved
  • Gain a holistic view of how assets are being utilised and stored within your building

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled tracking software leverages ‘smart tagging’ to monitor high-value and mobile assets as they move around a facility. This new breed of asset tracking technology is ideal for hospitals, universities and large-scale entertainment venues – where the management of moveable inventories is vital.

Virtual guide alleviates hospital navigation stress

Virtual guide alleviates hospital navigation stress

A new generation of smartphone apps are taking some of the stress out of hospital visits, providing patients and visitors with step-by-step directions to help navigate large healthcare facilities. more