Store Locators

MapData Services’ interactive online store locators enable your customers to quickly and easily locate your nearest shop, stockist, office or other point of sale.

Customers just need to search their address, current location or postcode – and MapData Services’ locators will instantly generate an accurate user-friendly map and address details. 

A MapData Services locator enables your customers to:

  • Visualise the exact location of a store – on an accurate and up-to-date map.
  • Access detailed directions and travel times.
  • View further details on particular stores, such as features, services, current promotions, trading hours or contact details. 

Since developing the first store locator for NSWTAB in 1998 (followed closely by the Caltex Service Station Locator), we have worked with thousands of businesses in Australia and New Zealand to craft professional, user-friendly locators.

Our skilled locator developers can work with your business to create a store locator with the look and feel of your existing brand or website, ensuring a seamless experience for your customers.

Hosted Store Locators

As experts in mapping and application development, MapData Services can build and host your company's store locator.

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Online travel app delivers safer drives for Aussie truckies

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