Solutions for Retail

In today’s fiercely competitive environment, retailers must use every advantage available to acquire and retain customers.

Success depends on informed decision-making and taking action faster than your competitors – making it vital you understand your market and are able to obtain information quickly.

Location-based insights – derived from cutting-edge smart mapping solutions and authoritative data sets – reveal trends, patterns and opportunities to keep you ahead of the curve.

As a retailer, you have access to a wealth of sales and customer information, and our products will help you leverage this data to better identify changing customer tastes, plan market expansion or locate profitable sites.

Learn more about our smart mapping retail solutions below and gain a competitive edge by leveraging location.

  • MDS Profiles
    Truly understand who your customers are and where they spend their money.
  • HERE Location Platform
    Access real-time maps and data to inform business decisions with the most accurate information available.
  • Tactician Online
    Pinpoint the best sites for new business ventures.
  • Consulting services
    Enjoy expert data management support and customised business solution development.
  • Visitor Analytics
    Leverage smartphone technology to help customers quickly locate specific retailers in your shopping complex, and provide merchants with the ability to display location-based advertisements.