Solutions for Health

When it comes to understanding health and disease, viewing information from a geographic perspective can deliver important insight into origin, cause and effect.

MapData Services develops creative mapping solutions for health departments, agencies, hospitals, universities, research institutes and pharmaceutical companies across Australia and New Zealand.

Armed with cutting-edge mapping technology and Australia’s most authoritative data sets, we create digital smart maps which give health care professionals a geographic view of their medical information – and a better understanding of the location-based elements impacting health and disease.

Using best of breed technologies, our smart maps highlight patterns and relationships in data, such as environmental and external influences, that may impact health conditions in the general population.

Our smart health maps can also:

  • Provide evidence to support policy making.
  • Simplify identification of disease cause and impact.
  • Raise community awareness of an issue.
  • Improve health service delivery

Discover how MapData Services’ smart maps can bring a new perspective to your health data – call us today on +61 2 8436 2800.