Customer Services

When it comes to customer service, today’s banking consumers expect to have their needs met instantly; and answers to their questions at their fingertips.

As such, banks are turning to location-based technology to better connect with their customers.

MapData Services develops online locators for the who’s who of Australia’s commercial landscape – and for many of the country’s leading banks.

Online locators ensure customers can easily locate their nearest branch, access detailed directions, contact the branch directly and even gather more information on the types of services each branch offers.

Our mapping technologies can even be used to generate an ‘augmented reality’ experience – where customers can take a picture of a property on their smartphone and view associated sales information. This is a particularly ingenious solution for banks looking to connect with potential home buyers.

To find out how our mapping solutions can help you connect with your customers, contact us today on +61 2 8436 2800.