Customer Profiling

Drawing on top data sources and cutting-edge demographic analysis technologies, MapData Services works with banks to take the guesswork out of customer profiling. 

Drawing on the world-leading Tactician Online platform, our solutions take a bank’s existing customer data – such as age, address and employment details – and analyses it with external data sources, like local property prices, nearby social infrastructure, or wider geo-demographic information.

The result is a ‘mega’ customer profile that uses location-based trends and patterns to build a more complete picture of a customer than ever before.

By viewing and analysing their data in this way, financial institutions can take the guesswork out of customer profiling, to truly understand what drives and affects their customers.

Getting started is easy.

Our specialists can help you unlock data that resides in your master customer information files (MCIF) and customer relationship management systems (CRM) – so you can put this data to work.

Using our Data Visualisation Portals, you can map and analyse your existing branch network with customer demographics data, to locate where demand for particular services exists.

You can even take it one step further, by augmenting these portals to conduct risk profiling, by identifying mortgages issued against a property, potential natural hazards or credit rating.

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