Solutions for Consumer Business

In the increasingly competitive consumer environment, businesses are challenged to find smarter, more efficient ways to engage with their customers.

Australians are some of the greatest users of smartphones worldwide – and marketers are often tasked with generating new ideas on ways their businesses can connect with consumers via this platform.

MapData Services translates these big ideas into commercial realities.

As specialists in mobile apps and mapping solutions, we use cutting-edge technology and the nation’s most authoritative data sets to help our clients realise their business objectives.

We’ve worked with thousands of companies in fields including banking, insurance, health, retail, franchises and telecommunications – just to name a few – to deliver user-friendly apps and web-based maps that connect with consumers.

But we’re not just experts in mobile apps. We also provide ‘behind the scenes’ mapping solutions that help organisations translate information into business insights and commercial opportunities.

By presenting various types of data on a map, our technology generates a new perspective on information and delivers valuable intel when conducting market research, determining sales territories, or selecting new store sites.

Whether it’s helping consumers locate retailers on their smartphones; or determining the most profitable location to set up a new branchMapData Services are experts in crafting smart business solutions.

For more information about MapData Services’ consumer business solutions, call us today on +61 2 8436 2800.