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Locators drive greater business to Caltex


Locators drive greater business to Caltex

The starting point

MapData Services has worked with Caltex for more than a decade, implementing mapping technology across their various online communication channels. Our relationship started when Caltex came looking for a way to provide their customers with easy access to information on all 1,800 of their StarCard accepting sites.

Our solution

To answer this initial query – as well as meet Caltex’s ongoing needs – MapData Services has developed a series of location-based solutions. More recently, MapData Services used the Features Web Service API to develop Star Mart locators for Caltex’s website, for mobile platforms and for Facebook. The MDS Features Web Service is hosted by MapData Services on a Google platform and draws on Caltex’s point of interest data relating to specific products and services, such as Vortex 98, diesel, carwash facilities and truck stops.

The locators allow Caltex customers to easily find and then plan a convenient route to any Caltex service station. The application also provides accurate turn-by-turn driving directions within Australia. It takes into account one-way streets and turning restrictions, and provides driving times and distances for the entire trip, as well as individual directions.

The bottom line

MapData Services’ ongoing work with Caltex has led to the development of multiple applications across the Caltex/Woolworths (Safeway), Star Mart and StarFleet brands. The new Caltex’ Star Mart online locator and browser-based mobile app became available late 2011 and the Star Mart app for Facebook launched early 2012. Customers can now easily search for their closest service station, service centre or find a travel route to their next destination. By making it easier for customers to locate stores and services, MapData Services’ mapping solutions have improved Caltex’s customer service.


Locators drive greater business to Caltex