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ANZ goes super-regional with locator app


ANZ goes super-regional with locator app

The starting point

As one of Australia’s ‘Big Four’ banks, ANZ provides a range of banking and financial products and services to more than eight million customers. Their aim to become a ‘super-regional’ bank involves growing their presence in the Asia Pacific region, while remaining focused on growth in their core domestic businesses in Australia and New Zealand.

ANZ came to MapData Services looking for a way to provide their customers with easy access to information on their banking services – both in Australia and abroad.

Our solution

MapData Services developed the Find ANZ app - a smart phone application that arms ANZ customers with simple and accurate directions to their closest banking service.

Using the latest mapping technologies, we transformed ANZ’s local and international branch network data into an interactive smart map – that quickly and accurately shows customers where they need to go and how they can get there.

Drawing on the most high quality data and mapping technologies available, the app outputs only the information most relevant to the user – such as their closest  bank’s contact details, exact distance away, directions or services provided.

The bottom line

The ‘super-regional’ mapping app now quickly guides ANZ customers to banking facilities in 30 countries.

The Find ANZ app is widely used by customers here in Australia, but an added benefit is international travellers now have this information at their fingertips as well – which puts ANZ at the forefront of customer service in the banking sector.

ANZ goes super-regional with locator app