MapData Services Webinars

Take advantage of these flexible, interactive sessions and learn more about the latest location-based data sets and mapping technology transforming Australian industries.

MapData Services webinars will introduce you to the solutions you need to unlock efficiency gains in your organisation – with presenting experts sharing best practice use cases, smart workflow tips, and providing answers to common questions.

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Unlocking insight into Australia’s urban and rural built environment

Geoscape provides unprecedented detail in relation to what exists at every address in Australia. Discover how the innovative property data set can enable more informed decision-making relating to various property-related tasks – including urban planning, risk modelling and emergency management – and be used to make critical decisions with confidence.

  • Learn what Geoscape is and what the data set contains
  • Understand the benefits of Geoscape – and how it can provide value to your organisation
  • View a demonstration to better understand how the data set works
  • Find out how the data can be applied across a range of industries – including local and state government, insurance and emergency services